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The September to December 2017 Programme is available only in Greek Language.

The Business Management Programme is designed to provide the resources needed by a modern Manager based on the new facts of the global and Cypriot economy, in real working conditions, to improve his efficiency and to:

  1. Enhance your business with best and most effective practices
  2. Ensure your progress

It will enhance your management skills in practice and improve your effectiveness in Management and Leadership.

More than 400 Executives of Private and Public Sector Organizations have attended the Business Management Programme in the last 12 years.

The Business Management Programme is flexible and subsidized (low cost).

It includes 11 days of courses attended in 4 months and covers 4 main thematic areas of Management (Management and Leadership, Human Resources, Customers and Marketing, and Finance).

In order to facilitate the deep understanding of all subjects in each area but also the acquisition of skills required to implement practices right away, the programme includes 4 homework assignments, one of each subject covered, classroom case studies, exercises and team activities.

The Trainer was Excellent – Excellent Programme! Continue like that!

Antonis Konstantinides, X.A Papaellinas Trading Ltd

Status and Recognition of Programme:

The Business Management Programme is recognized by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm) UK. Ilm, is a professional body, part of City & Guilds, the biggest and most known Organization in awarding Vocational, Management and Leadership Qualifications Worldwide.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the candidates can register as Members to ilm thus enabling them to advance their membership status as they climb the management ladder.

Why Institute of Leadership and Management Programs?

  • Our programs are recognized by the Institute of Leadership and Management, UK
  • We provide comprehensive learning in the direction of your management career
  • The programs of the Institute of Leadership and Management differ from those of colleges and universities because our programs are highly practical, balancing less theory and more practice through applied models, case studies and exercises. For this purpose, Trainers have a high level of academic qualifications but also a multi-year work experience in the subject
  • The curriculum is timely based on current management data and approved by the Institute of Leadership & Management, UK
  • Our programs are flexible. They combine lectures, individual learning and homework
  • Low cost due to the fact that the training programs included in the integrated program are subsidized

The program has enriched my knowledge and helped me very much in the professional field!

Justin de Jager, Ocean Basket

Structure and Content:

Participation in 7 courses included in 4 modules for a total of 68 training hours Submission of 4 home work assignments – 1 for each module

Program Modules / Classroom Training Courses:

CBM1 Human Resources

  • Effective Human Resources Management: 14 hours – 25 & 27/10/2017

CBM2 Management and Leadership

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: 14 hours – 21 & 23/11/2017
  • Change Management: 7 hours – 07/11/2017

CBM3 Financial Management

  • Basic Principles of Financial Management: 7 hours – 11/10/2017
  • Preparation and Implementation of Business Plans: 14 hours – 26 & 28/09/2017

CBM4 Customer and Marketing

  • Quality Customer Care: 12 hours – 05 & 07/12/2017
  • Promotion of Products / Services through Effective Marketing – 14/12/2017

The programme was excellent! It had great structure and offered great inspiration to me personally. It was well planned so that the participants can use all the new knowledge effectively. Really beneficial programme!

Georgia Christodoulou, Ocean Basket Cyprus

Participant / Candidate Profile:

Managers, supervisor with no formal qualifications in Management as well as employees intended for a managerial or supervisory position.

Participation Fees: €1950 plus VAT per participant and includes:

  • Registration to ILM fee.
  • Participation fee in all training courses.
  • Handouts and other course material.
  • Assignment assessment / grading.
  • Issue of Certificate by ILM.
  • Meals and coffee breaks.
  • Tutor support.
  • Administration Cost.

The programme is subsidized with the amount of €971

Net Cost per Participant: €979 + VAT

Payment Methods:

  • Method A: Monthly installments
  • Method B: Payment of full fee upon registration with a 10% discount
Mr. Yiannakis Mouzouris is a natural! He has the ability to extract inner talents that were either untapped
or trapped inside. He is insistent that one’s abilities far outweigh individual limitations. Mr. Yiannakis is
insightful and has fun while guiding you to self-motivation…and with that motivation, you will do things
that you thought were either long gone or impossible…you will shine!
Mr. Yiannakis powerful communication skills, teaching facility, zeal, and dedication have empowered me
in my community to find my voice. I recommend Yiannakis to all who wish a champion for improved
communication and leadership training.
He was dedicated, enthusiastic and creative in approach…a pleasure to work with.
A powerful and exciting presentation. Your humor was entertaining and refreshing. Your style of
communication was unique and inspiring. I left every single meeting thinking how I will do things
differently and more professionally.
Your keynote was electrifying! Thank you so much for motivating and inspiring me. I am still buzzing about
your powerful program.
I found you professional, personable and attuned to my needs. The questions you asked, the way you
tailored customized your program and your supplemental materials all supported my goals beautifully.
Thank you for your enthusiasm, humor and expertise and especially I thank you for spending such quality
time with your audience.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME – Limassol – Endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management, ILM, UK


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