5 Signs Showing that the Customer is not Satisfied

unsatisfied customer

Are your customers satisfied or not?

If you are in a field where the customer is the focus and satisfaction is the A – Z for you then it is essential that you have created mechanisms to be able to detect the signs that the customer is not satisfied and will leave or he is looking for alternatives.

Below you will see the 5 main signs that show the customer’s dissatisfaction:

  • Refuses to contact you (with a responsible person)
    That is, you try to contact him and you never find him (he is always out of the office or in a meeting), he also does not reply to any emails even if these are for important issues.
  • He compares you all the time to your competitors.
    The communication he has with your company is only to reduce the prices he gives or simply compare you to your competitors.
  • Number of Complaints
    He keeps complaining about the services/products you offer and about the same issues over and over again (this is the worst if you didn’t make any move towards resolving the complaints he had).
  • He doesn’t want to commit to a contract – a lack of trust
    Even if the new deal you’re offering him is better than the other, he doesn’t want to commit to you -> this clearly shows that he does not trust you and wants to have the freedom to make other choices without being limited.
  • Aggressive and ironic behaviour
    Aggressive and ironic behavior is the way of expressing the customer’s anger… and communicates it differently. You can see that from the first moment.

If you detect the above signs early then you will be able to reverse them and win the customer back!

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Christofi Vasiliki
Communication, Soft Skills
NAMA Certified Anger Management Specialist, 
PR Specialist
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