Marilena Christodoulou, KEDIFAP LTD

Very informative and precise on the subject, where it covers a very large part of the human resources management. I highly recommend this. The theory turns into reality through real examples. Mr. Mouzouris, who is very experienced in the field and especially in the business, is very contagious, aiming at opinion and character. Very alive and keeps the audience in mind, lively and troublesome towards him. It generally has a character that makes you remember him, and this is rare and good to the trainer. In addition, I add that it transmits security to its audience.

Marilena Christodoulou, KEDIFAP LTD


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The programme was very educational and productive. There was interaction and effectiveness during the programme. The trainers were communicative, interactive, explanatory, collaborative and fair.

Georgia Vasilaki, RIK

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