Back to work! 5 Tips for not getting stressed about it

#facts: Things in the workplace you can change, and you can’t change:

What we cannot change: pressure, timetables, behavior of other people (customers, partners and colleagues)

What we can change: the way we treat and manage various situations (stress, anxiety, behaviors)

It is now proven that almost all people working in a workplace can be influenced by the factors that create stress unless they are indifferent to their work or learned how to manage it.

Uncontrolled stress, however, leads you to the wrong choices for your health (research from the University College of London) for this reason I will share with you what you can do to avoid the stress:


#1. Look stress on the other side (revise the way you see it)

Whatever we take for granted, it ceases to concern us! And surely some things do not change-what can change is how you see them!

Stop paying attention to little things that don’t change and give weight to the important ones.

Tip: Write down 3 unimportant things that you pay attention to and you shouldn’t – once you read them, you’ll be ready to never pay attention to them again

It’s time to face your anxiety and find out what’s causing it (people, specific actions or all).


#2. Put breaks in your schedule.

We usually do a program for all important and trivial things but, what most people forget is to put certain small breaks in their program.

Even on a very stressful day it is important to put small 5-minute breaks, as this will revive you and will make you feel important as you prioritize your mental health.

Tip: Try it 1 week, and then you’ll be a fan of this tactic!


#3. Set Limits:

In today’s world of digital technology, we are available 24/7 to anyone and anytime. This, however, causes stress and pressure as anyone can define, discontinue and redefine your program.

To define limits on when to see/answer your emails or when to deal with social networks will save you time and reduce stress levels.

Tip: Define when you’ll be seeing your emails especially hours out of work and how long you’ll be on social networks.


#4. Make as a habit some relaxation techniques for the moments you feel drowned

There are times when some people feel they can’t cope because of pressure or because of the things they think. The easiest thing to do is to get up from your chair and walk a little or relax your shoulders.

Meditation is a relaxation technique that you need to focus for 2 minutes on an object (easy for any person). It’s the easy way to disconnect from the present and focus on yourself.

Another relaxation technique is to convert your negative thinking into positive!

Tip: Try 3 times a day to do relaxation techniques to reduce pressure moments.


#5. Include creativity in your work

Surround yourself with things that inspire you. These can be people, photos, posters or even office decoration.

Find out what inspires you and emphasize on it. In this way you will reduce the negative energy which is the cornerstone for stress.

Tip: write down what emotions your workplace is carrying and try to include a little creativity to change them!


You can see the above tips as a game – see if they can work, you might want to do it together with another person – this will contribute to increasing your creativity.

If you want more practical advice on how to manage your stress and pressure then the seminar 20 Practical Ways to Handle Your Stress at Work is ideal for you.

Christofi Vasiliki
Communication, Soft Skills
NAMA Certified Anger Management Specialist, 
PR Specialist
Trainer and Coach


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