Total Manufacturing Efficiency (TME) for a leading Manufacturing Plant


The project scope was to design and implement a tailored made manufacturing efficiency plan in order to improve productivity, quality, machinery reliability and reduction of waste through the application of lean manufacturing tools as well as state of the art yet simple applications of Total Preventive Maintenance (TPM), Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), the 7 Production Wastes, 5S methodologies and tools.

Initially, we established a benchmark though visits, observations, interviews and work measurement in order to assess the current status.

Then, we presented the findings of the initial analysis both to Management but also to all staff. Involvement of everyone in the process is of paramount importance for the success of such projects.

The presentation analysed an action plan for the following 4 months. We started with 5S implementation and TPM.

Today, 5S is completed by 60% and TPM by 30% and we are at the first month of implementation.

Following that, we will enhance implementation of 5S and TPM and develop the ground for the implementation of OEE in conjunction with Kaizen methodology for reducing the 7 Production Wastes.

Through the entire process, we constantly seek suggestions and approval by all staff at their stations.

That is why 50% of the Consultant’s work is done on site, next to the manufacturing stations and the people.

The project has been designed such that the boost comes from the base rather than the Management which is involved mainly in approving the budget, the changes, the retrofits and the resources for data analysis and metrics.

Part of the project is to put in place a mutually beneficial relationship though which:

  1. The targets will be set and agreed in all manufacturing departments
  2. Training and guidance will be continuously provided mainly on the job.
  3. Resources will be agreed and made available
  4. A measurement and evaluation system will be put in place
  5. A reward system will be implemented based on measured performance and improvement.

Therefore, all 3 questions will be answered: What to do? How to do it? Is it worth it? By both Management and staff in order to ensure that the implemented practices are maintained

and improvement is sought continuously.

The idea is to incorporate the above in the to day to day work of the people through whom small but continuous improvement activities will be recognised and implemented. (Kaizen)


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