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Clients Testimonials for our Training Services

Mr Yiannakis Mouzouris is a natural! He has the ability to extract inner talents that were either untapped or trapped inside. He is insistent that one’s abilities far outweigh individual limitations. Mr Yiannakis is insightful and has fun while guiding you to self-motivation…and with that motivation, you will do things that you thought were either long gone or impossible…you will shine!
Mr Yiannakis powerful communication skills, teaching facility, zeal, and dedication have empowered me in my community to find my voice. I recommend Yiannakis to all who wish a champion for improved communication and leadership training.
He was dedicated, enthusiastic and creative in approach…a pleasure to work with.
A powerful and exciting presentation. Your humour was entertaining and refreshing. Your style of communication was unique and inspiring. I left every single meeting thinking how I will do things differently and more professionally.
Your keynote was electrifying! Thank you so much for motivating and inspiring me. I am still buzzing about your powerful program.
I found you professional, personable and attuned to my needs. The questions you asked, the way you tailored customized your program and your supplemental materials all supported my goals beautifully.
Thank you for your enthusiasm, humour and expertise and especially I thank you for spending such quality time with your audience.



Mrs Vasiliki was smiling, very positive and transmittable and explained us everything in detail. I appreciate her very much! The knowledge she transmitted us is immeasurably helpful to change our thinking in personal and our professional lives. Thank very very much!!! Good luck in your life and your career in your workplace!

Lucia Tantele Koukli, Community Council Avgorou


“In today’s competitive business world and difficult economy, knowledge through effective education is more necessary than ever. This program has given to me personally, powerful tools in order to develop what I have learned and lead me to success both professionally and personally. The programme was very well organized / structured and Mr. Yiannakis Mouzouris is a great trainer with incredible communicability and knowledge of the subject. It was worth every minute and I thoroughly recommend! ”

Thank you!

Maria Papaleontiou, Orthodontic and Pediatric Dentistry P.N. Kokkinos


I would like to congratulate wholeheartedly Vasiliki for the presentation!! AMAZING!!!!

Yiota Nicolaidou, Streetsmart Solutions Ltd

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Clients Testimonials for our Consulting Services

Our company has worked with Conicon Ltd., on several projects especially with Mr. Yiannakis Mouzouris.
Conicon Ltd contribute to our business development by working with us in a framework of cooperation in counseling / guidance for sales teams, finance and personnel assessment projects.
I was completely satisfied with the level of Mr. Mouzouris performance in all projects, and his recommendations were put into practice. Mr. Yiannakis Mouzouris demonstrated outstanding knowledge of the subjects he presented and smart business practices techniques right from the field. He is fully committed to the interests of his customers and always follows the timing of the project without any negative influence on the quality. Conicon’s, team is enthusiastic and positive. It was a real pleasure to work with him, from both a human and professional point of view.

Polyvios Lazarides, General Manager / Agrolan, Member of MSJ Jacovides Group of Companies


Another success for Columbia Beach Hotel Pissouri. Columbia Beach Hotel is proud to announce its certification to the International Management System Standard ISO 14001. The hotel is also the first to complete the requirements of the pilot scheme under the European funded project LIFE. Soon it will also announce its compliance with the requirements of the European Commission’s Regulation No. 1836/93, Ecological Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). The whole project was completed with the support of CONICON Management Systems (Cyprus) Ltd in less than eight months.

Columbia Beach Hotel


We hereby confirm that Conicon Ltd had been delegated to assist with the development and implementation of our Company’s Quality System, which meets the requirements of ISO 9001. It gives us pleasure to further confirm that the above mentioned Quality System was established in conjunction with the excellent co-operation of Mr Yiannakis Mouzouris, who was the responsible consultant during the implementation of the project.

Dobson Fleet Management Ltd

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General Clients Testimonials

On behalf of the Board and the Management of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC), we would like to thank you warmly for your excellent presentation and training “workshops” on issues of Personnel Evaluation System and the diachronic cooperation we have in general.

Costas Nicolaides
Senior General Manger, Manager of Personnel and Administration
Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC)


The seminar was very constructive and pleasant. It was perfectly adapted to the needs of everyone and to the issues that we face daily at our workplace. Vasiliki is amazing, absolutely communicative and a very competent instructor. Thank you.

Arilena Constantinou, Aphrodite Hills Property Management Ltd


Fantastic Seminar! Through group exercises and case studies we learned to think outside the box. It gave us a lot of confidence! We learned what our capabilities are and how to use them to achieve our goals.

Carissa Pouyioukka, Ocean Basket Franchise Ltd


High-level seminar with interesting topics. The trainer was excellent and constantly made sure that we realize sufficiently the desired topic. Moreover it was very important that she was using real examples from everyday real situations we face.

Omiria Sergidou, Ethniki Insurance


Comprehensive, detailed and very helpful seminar! Excellent! It covered many communication subjects and Vasiliki was very transmittable and always ready to answer all questions.

Andria Ioakeim, Institute of Neurology and Genetics


It was an excellent seminar! We gained many useful knowledge, directly applicable by the Cyprus University! Thank you Mr Mouzouris!

Cyprus University Personnel


It was a very good and helpful seminar. The trained creates a very good environment, a nice atmosphere! We learnt to be more confident and to trust ourselves.

Alexandrina Buceatchi, AA Georghiou Law Firm LLC


Dear Mr Mouzouris,
I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation to our today short training “workshop” on the issue of the Personnel Evaluation System purpose and objectives. With a vivid, practical, documented way and with full respect for the dialogue, you have, in my point of view, fully met the expectations of the participants.
PS: Thank you also from the colleagues of Personnel & Administration Department for organizing this useful educational activity.

Onisiforos Onisiforou, Internal Audit Manager


A crash programme which gave me the most important required knowledge around Business Management. The programme designed by Conicon was very good and equally the trainers who are very knowledgeable on all topics using effective teaching methods and lots of practical examples.

Agathi Konizou


A crash programme which gave me the most important required knowledge around Business Management. The programme designed by Conicon was very good and equally the trainers who are very knowledgeable on all topics using effective teaching methods and lots of practical examples.


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A very helpful tutorial! It makes you see some things in a different way. The trainer was very positive and along with the material she made us understand our thoughts and problems better.

Christina Xeni, Biotronics Ltd

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