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I am a pragmatic implementation consultant and trainer. I am paid to tell people the truth, not what they want to hear. The scientific, pragmatic truth. In plain, simple language, sugar free, gluten free, additives and fanfares free.

Those who listen and follow get their rewards and their dose of dopamine and serotonin (it’s hormones. That’s what the crowd calls motivation) when we achieve the results.

Until then, I will ‘ push ‘ you to your limits, I will exhaust you, I will get furious at you and I will shout at you and I will probably make you hate me before love me along the way. But that’s because I will struggle with you, I will get worried and at times frustrated.

By the way, have you ever came across of a top of the charts gymnast that trained you to create the body you dream of, by reading you motivational quotes?

Because that’s what I do! I change thinks to the better. Specifically, measurably with strict deadlines. And if you think for a minute that business and people changes are easy, you live in fairy tales.

If you think for a minute that changes and success comes with no hard work and pain, then you are hallucinating.

Yiannakis Mouzouris
Strategy and Performance Management
Expert / Business Consultant / Trainer
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
M.Sc.Engineering Management, USA


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