Windows 10. To update or not update?


The OS (operative system) is the nerve of the digital world. We have Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Ubuntu, Linux etc, where the latter are mostly used by computer enthusiasts. And Mac OS, prefered by people in the graphic, music etc industry has been stable for a long time.

Then there is Windows, the OS for everyday use. Well, there have been some issues as you all know. But now the version 10 will solve all the problems, and put Microsoft back on the throne.

But we are not quite there yet. There might be some problems with the updates, people complaining about the new version made their computer crash.

Now or never you should get some backup before even thinking about updating. There are all kind of rumours about bugs and problems with Windows 10. So I asked a Swedish computer expert forum if it’s safe to update? The answer I got was like this: Well, I updated almost all my computers. It’s working just fine. I like it! But my precious-must-work-everyday-computer I have NOT updated yet…


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