How to choose a Trainer?

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When choosing a training programme, what is the most important factor you consider:

  • The Title of the programme;
  • The cost;
  • The timetable of the programme
  • The Trainer;

From the above the only thing that cannot be copied is the trainer!

Now, what are the trainer’s selection criteria:

  • Academic qualifications relevant to the subject?
  • Recognition and other certifications by international professional bodies relevant to the subject?
  • Professional experience in the field and not just work experience in Cyprus but also abroad?
  • Implementation experience in the field and not only in the theory of the subjects?
  • Educational experience based on the training hours delivered by the trainer to date?
  • The trainer’s professional recognition as reflected by media exposure but mainly through the testimonials of organizations and professionals who have been trained recently and in the past?

OR all the above without any exception?

Learn more about Conicon’s trainers by taking a look at their profiles.

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