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Human Resources Management, Consulting, CyprusHuman Resource Management (HRM) is a critical function that is responsible for managing a company’s most valuable resource- its people. However, many HR departments are perceived and operate as administrative and task-based, rather than a strategic partner that can help drive business success.

There is a need to transform an HR department from an administrative function to a strategic business partner.

Transforming an HR department from an administrative function to a strategic business partner is a process that requires significant effort and commitment. HR leaders must align HR strategies with business objectives, focus on data analytics, develop HR metrics, implement change management strategies, and enhance employee experience. By following these steps, HR can become a strategic partner that can help drive business success and ensure the well-being of its employees.

Step 1: Align HR Strategy with Business Strategy
The first step in transforming the HR department is to align HR strategy with the overall business strategy. HR leaders must work with business leaders to identify the key drivers of business success and develop HR strategies that support those goals. This includes developing a workforce plan that identifies the skills and competencies that are needed to achieve business objectives, as well as a talent management plan that includes recruitment, development, and retention strategies.

Step 2: Focus on Data Analytics
HR departments must move away from administrative tasks and focus on data analytics. This involves using data to make informed decisions about workforce planning, talent management, and performance management. HR departments must invest in technology and tools that can help collect and analyze data, such as HR management software, applicant tracking systems, and performance management tools.

Step 3: Develop HR Metrics
To measure the success of HR strategies, it is essential to develop HR metrics. These metrics should be aligned with the business objectives and include metrics such as employee engagement, turnover rates, training effectiveness and return on training investment, culture index and productivity and LABOUR efficiency. By measuring these metrics, HR leaders can identify areas for improvement and develop strategies to address them.

Step 4: Implement Change Management Strategies
Transforming an HR department from an administrative function to a strategic business partner requires change management strategies. HR leaders must communicate the importance of the HR function to business leaders and employees and engage them in the process of transformation. This involves providing training and development opportunities to HR staff to enhance their skills and knowledge, as well as to business leaders to enable them to understand the importance of HR strategies.

Step 5: Enhance Employee Experience
To become a strategic partner, HR must focus on enhancing the employee experience. This includes developing programs and initiatives that focus on employee well-being, such as wellness programs, career development opportunities, and work-life balance initiatives. HR departments must also develop effective communication strategies to engage employees and build a positive employer brand.

At Conicon, we have the expertise to guide you plan and implement step by step the transformation to achieve a significant overall business value year after year. We combine the expertise both in the HR area but also in Strategic Performance Management( να γίνει λινκαπλ με τον τομεα αυτό της συμβουλευτικης

Here you will find more information regarding the transformation of HR Management to THPP (Talent Hiring and Performance Management)

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