What Public Relations isn’t – 8 practices that you should avoid if you want to apply successful Public Relations with your customers?

Public Relations in our minds has been misunderstood… So below I will give you 8 practices that you Must Avoid in order to get the desired results and to lead the people that will take this work forward for you:

1. Hire an agency or an individual to take the PR of your company without first identifying and clarifying key and fundamental issues for you. In addition, you must have an open communication with these people in order to apply and achieve the strategies.
2. Communicate your messages to the Universe! Find what your target audience is and grasp their pulse.
3. Don’t think that your audience knows what you think they know – Learn what they really think and understand about you.
4. Copy your competitors!! It’s the easiest, but your audience can find at any time who is the pioneer and leader in this.
5. Expose aimlessly in media or social networks – Expose yourself or your company when you have really something to say.
6. Over- communicate with your audience and become intrusive…. What you see from most of the people is not PR. I call it “show off”.
7. Make spasmodic communication movements – design a communication strategy – your audience expect from you to guide them through out.
8. Sacrifice your values on the altar of who likes…. You have to communicate outwards what represent your company or yourself and what you are.

The above practices are the minimum that you should know and apply. Public relations are techniques, strategies and methods that if you use them correctly, you can succeed. Don’t do experiments. Remember that public relations is part of your broader marketing strategy.

People get bored with the same things. They want and need what you want for yourself! Give it to them.

Christofi Vasiliki
Communication, Soft Skills and PR Specialist – Trainer and Coach
Conicon Ltd


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