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Performance Management with Great Leadership and Effectiveness Ingredients that Adds Value to your Business

The truth of the matter is that 80+% of Performance evaluation systems I come across are useless and actually create more problems than adding any value and another 10% lack critical parameters built into the system and the culture in order to add real value to the business.


Forget about Organizational Structures and Job Descriptions – They are nonsense

Unless the Organizational Structure is designed around a culture of performance, job descriptions are replaced by Performance Specifications and both (structure and performance specification) are dynamic and linked to remuneration and other incentives.


What is the difference between Implementation Consultants and just Consultants

The best way to advice an organization on important matters such as strategy, strategic and business planning, restructuring and culture empowerment, is to first gain trust from top to bottom.


How to become a Business Consultant without Grey Hair – Α Real Story

When I started operating in UAE as a Business Consultant, 18 years ago at the age of 37, I had to go through a process of obtaining a Consultant’s Licence which among other things included an interview with the Department of Trade and Industry in Dubai.


The 2 most important and the 2 irrelevant questions you should ask Consultants and Trainers before you hire them


The Problem often is the way Business Owners see the Problem in their Business.

Almost my daily routine for the last 20 years contains one way or another management consulting. I encounter the same challenge over and over again. Business owners see business problems in an over simplified way. Moreover, because of that, their perception of problem solution is limited and quite often illussional, as if there is a “magic stick”.


Management or Under-Management

Through my 28 years of experience, of which 2 in the US, 6 in the manufacturing Industry in managerial positions and 22 as Business Consultant in Cyprus and abroad, I have found so often that in Cyprus most businesses ranging from the small to the bigger ones, are under-managed.


The 10 drivers for the transformation of HR in THPP

HR is outdated. If you want real performance of the people then you must change to THPP – Talent Hiring and People Performance Management. Why?





What is the main reason people fail to engage at the workplace?

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