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Today we speak a lot about social media presence, search engines, email marketing, and all kinds of actions that will bring our business forward on the internet.

I dare to say that we sometimes forget about the actual website. The website is the face of the company. And all the projects we build around it are just ways to get more visitors, and then of course we try to convert the visitors to clients.

And when the hard earned visitors finally get there. What do they see? Was it worth the effort, was it worth all the money spent on marketing?

A couple of years ago web design was quite limited due to technical issues. But today we really have an opportunity to create a beautiful, effective interactive home on the Internet.

We may use big colorful images, portfolios, videos, blogs, comments, reviews, testimonails, ecommerce, membership sections etc. And many of this things may be done even with a limited budget. Take a look at some inspirational examples here.

It may rewarding to review your digital presence from time to time. Call us, we can help you on the way.

A silicon valley outside Limassol

The original Silicon valley at the San Fransisco Bay area originates from Stanford university and graduates who stayed and started their businesses at the location. The university later developed a technology park to support the start-ups, but many well known companies actually started in a garage, and not in a fancy office.

The combination of university area, well educated people, nice climate and a free spirited environment was probably a good starting point.

The phenomena spread to other countries like south of France and the Sophia Antipolis area, and in Israel outside Tel Aviv, and other places.


Windows 10. To update or not update?


The OS (operative system) is the nerve of the digital world. We have Windows, Mac OS, Chrome OS, Ubuntu, Linux etc, where the latter are mostly used by computer enthusiasts. And Mac OS, prefered by people in the graphic, music etc industry has been stable for a long time.


Why a new website?

An ever-increasing number of business transactions are made online nowadays. But still there are companies with poor or no digital presence. I will hereby argue for the need of a new and modern website.


All you need to know about the Body Language in Interviews

Do you think body language is important in interviews??


The 10 drivers for the transformation of HR in THPP

HR is outdated. If you want real performance of the people then you must change to THPP – Talent Hiring and People Performance Management. Why?


8 Secrets to Become a Successful Office Manager

Maybe your dream is to manage an office efficiently? Or you are an Office Manager but want to improve dramatically your skills?



Is the Greek drama over now?

The number of countries that does not allow a grexit to any cost have shrunken to 4, now it’s only France, Italy, Spain and Luxembourg. 9 countries with Germany and Finland at the top are open for a grexit. And 5 other countries, Cyprus is in this group, are hesitating.

But anyway, after hours and hours of negotiations our night owling politicians reached some kind of deal, where the Greek government must implement lot of new reforms to get a loan of aprox 86 billion euros. Just to make the economics of the debt struck country even more unsustainable.

We wonder what the Greeks OXI was worth in the referendum just a week ago? We also wonder what will happen to Tsipras & Co who built a political career on promises of less austerity, not more?

We also wonder about the political process, the Greek parliament must vote for the suggested deal, and also other local parliaments around Europe.

Anybody around who thinks the drama is over?

The grand currency experiment

One-Europe-Euro-MoneyEver since the European currency was introduced it was meant to be irreversible. This one way character of the Euro was suppose to render strength to the system, and show the world that it was not a economic playground or an experiment.

No country would be allowed to default either. Thus buying government bonds from each other was a very good investment, no matter how bad the economic situation in a certain country had become.

However, economists outside Europe questioned the system and asked for a reversal mechanism, an ordered plan for exit. This was never considered by the EU politicians. The Euro was here to sty forever and ever.


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