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Office Management Programme

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Effective Office Management requires the coexistence of both the technical and interpersonal skills required to maximize your efficiency and effectiveness.

The Office Management Programme is designed to give you meaningful and practical techniques that will enable you to progress in your work, and differentiate yourself from the rest. In addition, you will learn how to lead effectively and inspire your team to achieve the desired results.

Through interactive group and individual exercises, case studies and role playing the Trainers of the Programme will discover your strengths and your weaknesses and they will help you improve and immediately see the changes you desire in your Workplace, through personalized advice.

At the same time, you will develop oral and written communication skills that will enable you to handle stress, anxiety, anger and deal with conflict situations with difficult people effectively.

Status and Recognition of Programme:

The Office Management Programme is recognized by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm) UK. Ilm, is a professional body, part of City & Guilds, the biggest and most known Organization in awarding Vocational, Management and Leadership Qualifications Worldwide.

Upon successful completion of the programme, the candidates can register as Members to ilm thus enabling them to advance their membership status as they climb the management ladder.

Why Institute of Leadership and Management Programs?

  • 93% of employers say their employees perform better after taking an ILM qualification.
  • The programs are Flexible, customized to your needs,
  •  We provide Comprehensive Learning, to pursue your distinct career direction.
  • We differ from colleges and universities as our programs utilize Best Practice Learning, balancing less theory with more practical on the job applications.
  • Courses are delivered by trainers with both strong academic background and extensive hands on business experience.
  • Our programs are endorsed by the Institute of Management and Leadership in UK.
  • Cost effective
  • The trainers have both strong academic background and extensive hands on business experience.

Participant / Candidate Profile:

The ilm Office Management Programme is designed for active Office Managers, Office Administrators, Experience Secretaries and Personal Assistants who wish to advance their career to Office Management.

What you will Learn and Gain:

During the four (4) intensive training days you will learn:

  • The crucial role of an Office Manager
  • What effective Office Administration includes
  • How to take advantage and use modern digital office technology
  • The essential skills and techniques for planning, organizing and controlling work and managing time
  • How to develop yourself into a Leader in the Office
  • How to communicate effectively
  • How to handle pressure, stress, anger and deal with conflict situations and difficult people in an effective manner.
  • The essentials of financial matters and budgeting

Trainer: Vasiliki Christofi

Click here to read the full CV of Mrs Vasiliki Christofi

The material was very interesting and very understandable, also the examples given during the program. They are trustworthy and realistic, keeping the interest of the participant. Both trainers were excellent, communicating and accessible.
Charoula Stavrou, Larnaca Sewerage Board

The Programme is structured in 8, modules covered in four (4) training days. The topic / title and content of each module are described below.

Programme Structure and Content:

OM1. Office Management – 12/11/2019

Defining Office Management Role, Office Management Function, Office Management Responsibilities, Personal Development Plan.

OM2. Office Administration – 12/11/2019

Smoothing the operation, Managing Paper Flow, Office Ergonomics, Safety and the Working Environment, Office Ethics and Politics.

OM 3. Digital Office – 12/11/2019

Digital Tools,  Minutes of Meetings, Time Sheets, Electronic Calendar, How to automate simple tasks, The webpage, Social Media.

OM4. Effective Planning and Organizing –14/11/2019

How to plan step by step, Action Planning, Prioritizing, Project Management, Problem solving and decision making, Calculating resources needed, The Art of Time Management and Delegation.

OM5. Leadership – Influencing Across the Organization – 14/11/2019

The 7 Habits of Effective Office Managers, Managing Change.

OM6. Understanding & Controlling Finances – 14/112019

Understanding the Financial Terminology, How to prepare a budget, How to control a budget, How to defend a budget.

OM7. Effective Written & Spoken Communication – 05/12/2019

Communication (Communication Styles, Magic Words, How we twist with different persons), Written Communication (Correspondence, emails), Non Verbal Communication (Listening Skills, Body language).

OM8. Dealing with Yourself and Others – 12/12/2019

Dealing with pressure, stress and anger, Gender Communication, Dealing with conflict, Dealing with difficult situations / people, emotions.


The program was extremely interesting and informative. There was participation by all, examples of situations and a good flow of information. Both trainers were contagious.
Stephanie Marangou, Trilogy Limassol Seafront Ltd

Successful Completion of the Programme includes:

  • • Participation in all 4 training days
    • Participation in all classroom exercises and activities
    • Passing of final exam. The final exam consists of a test paper at the last day of the program.
    • Prepare and pass the final assignment.

Upon successful completion of the Programme, the candidate will be awarded a Certificate issued by the Institute of Leadership and Management, UK.

Programme Cost / Investment Value:

Programme Cost / Investment Value: €800 + VAT per Participant

The programme is subsidized with the amount of 220

Net Value: €580 + VAT per Participant

Further discount is granted to groups of three + (3)+ from the same Organization and unemployed Participants. The programme cost / investment is includes:

  • Registration fee to the Institute of Leadership and Management, UK
  • Participation in 4 training days including coffee breaks and lunch
  • All classroom notes, materials, handouts
  • Final examination assessment

A truly remarkable programme with contagious trainers who managed to marry the theory with practice and to stimulate our interest with reasonable examples from our everyday life. Thank you very much. There was an excellent presentation of the material in a very pleasant way. Stimulate participation of attendees and encourage expression of views, perceptions and experiences. Also learning empathic practices. Both Ms. Vasiliki as well as Mr. Yiannakis were excellent, they managed to keep the participants interested until the end. They were understandable and able to respond to every question and to support everything in their own unique way.
Helen Aristidou, Axoneme Ltd

OFFICE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME – Nicosia – Endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management, ILM, UK.

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I accept the terms and conditions* In case of your cancellation, you are still responsible for the payment of the participation cost as follows: - Cancellation 15 days prior to the course - 30% of the total cost of participation. - Cancellation less than a week prior to the course - full cost of participation.


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Pleasant programme and just to the point! The trainers were very pleasant and transmittable.
Eleonora Askoti, Cyprus Hydrocarbons Company

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