Petros Ioannou, S.S Pharmaceutical Cross Ltd

Very interesting seminar which kept our interested and we did not get bored. It was very interactive with a lot of discussion between the trainer and the participants about the different issues that everyone was facing. Also, the presentation was done through tablets, which I think was very positive and enjoyable in the presentation. The trainer was Excellent! It piqued my interest with colourful slides through the presentation and videos. She had a strong and clear voice and was not at all tiring. The content and exercises were interesting. She corrected us and suggested alternatives.

Petros Ioannou, S.S Pharmaceutical Cross Ltd


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Mrs Vasiliki was smiling, very positive and transmittable and explained us everything in detail. I appreciate her very much! The knowledge she transmitted to us are immeasurably helpful to change our thinking both in our personal and our professional lives. Thank you very very much!!! Good luck in your life and your career in your workplace!
Lucia Tantele Koukli, Avgorou Community Council