The 3 Paradoxes of Customer Service – How can we Change them

Customer service is a matter that bothers both business and customers as well. As there is a positive or negative reaction on both sides.

It is important to say that 68% of customers leave because of poor or indifferent service.

However, there are 3 paradoxes in the customer service we all experience, and below we will see how we can reverse them.

1. While we all want to be assisted when we are customers, when it comes to our turn, we find it hard to assist.

Why is this happening?

It is obvious that we have not cleared in our minds why it is necessary to serve effectively.

So we find it necessary to use our empathy, in this case we need to get in the position of the client and see how we would like to be treated.

Nowadays, it’s a “must” for every company to have an efficient customer service standard and be clarified to staff the importance of perfect service.

2. While when we all have a complaint and we are angry, we want to be heard, understood and give us a solution – when our turn comes to deal with an angry customer, we become aggressive and try to defend ourselves.

Why is this happening?

It is very simple, and the reason is because we cannot manage our anger and we try to convince the other person that we are not wrong and confirm our selfishness. Based on the current environment, we face angry customers daily, so I’st very important to know how we can actually deal with an angry customer and have a positive result.

What can we do?

To learn how to handle angry customers – it also comes from efficient customer service standards.

3. While we want to feel special and not granted, many times when our turn comes to assist we consider many customers as granted and we consider that they will not go to somewhere else

Why is this happening?

This behavior is based on the fact that we have not evaluated and appreciated what each customer gives us.

At the same time, once we live through any customer’s purchase, it is necessary to realize that if we don’t have a monopoly, we need to make our customers feel special and appreciate any purchase they make.

It is good to understand why every client is important, of course this is in the culture of every organization and needs to be trained on daily basis.

It is conclusive, obviously, that there is a lack of excellent customer service, and it is definitely difficult to change from one moment to the other, but even a slight change can change everything.

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Christofi Vasiliki
Communication, Soft Skills and PR Specialist – Trainer and Coach
Conicon Ltd


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