The 5 ingredients of life that the IoT(Internet of Things) cannot help you with

There are 5 ingredients of life that the IoT(Internet of Things) cannot help you with:

1. Eating and tasting

2. Loving, making love and relationship building

3. Healthcare , exercising and well being

4. Piece of mind

5. Training and development

What’s left, might be important, but of less significance to humanity.

This last one (education and development ) is particularly interesting and at the same time not so obvious with the growth of e- learning. But have you ever thought why do you pay €500 to a few thousands to participate in a live training for which you can pay a few euros for the same on the web? It’s like buying a music CD of Lady Gaga versus attending her live on stage performance.

E- learning is growing predominantly because it is a way for passive income for trainers and not necessarily due to its effect on the trainee and the effectiveness of training.

After all, people attend trainings for the interaction and engagement with the trainer and the trainees, for participating in face to face discussions and exercises for asking their questions and raising their concerns , for sociability, the body language, the food and drinks, the atmosphere, for networking. All of these add huge amount of value to the developmental activities of training that can not be substituted by e- learning.

Yiannakis Mouzouris
B.Sc. Mech. Eng., M.Sc. Mgt
Business Consultant / Trainer
Performance Management Specialist

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A very helpful training for new entrants and experienced in the shopping department. New techniques and very interesting information and knowledge. There was practical application and detailed explanation. The trainer was very illustrative and with a very good structure of thought.
Vasilis Kaoullas, Skiasis Group Ltd

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