Where is Limassol?

limassol-marina-yachting-2My neighbour was complaining about fewer tourist in Limassol. He occasionally helps a friend who is charge of a water sports centre. And business is not as good as it used to be.

I´m from Northern Europe myself, and I have a good understanding of the Scandinavian mentality. And one thing that I know is that the name Limassol is quite unknown in the north. Scandinavians are well aware of Ayia Napa, and sometimes Larnaca, since the airport is there.

But even Protaras or Paphos are quite unknown. And Limassol they never herd of. And I suspect that this is also the case for Germans, Dutch, French etc. Maybe Brits have a little better knowledge of the island due to the historic bounds, at least the older generation.

Is it a marketing problem? Should the Cypriot tourism organisation push more for Limassol? Or is it a wider problem?

Well the answer to the question lies probably somewhere in between. Yes, Cyprus is to a large extent a one destination island. And the main focus is beach, beer and sun. And that is pretty much all you can do in the tourist villages of the east. Even though a certain music scene is growing, aiming for younger audiences, which is good.

Other activities like shopping, city life, culture, nature, golf etc are not easily found there. The tourists occasionally go for daily bus trips to other locations, but the Limassol and Troodos regions are quite far away from Ayia Napa and it may be hard to convince tourists to sit for hours in a bus, when the beach, beer and the pool is calling.

There must be more diversity to the Cypriot tourism industry. Both regarding the activities offered as well as the target audience. And we all have to market our business, and not rely to old fashioned tourist organisations.

And we must not forget that we live in an digital era.

Your hotels, bungalows, rentals, restaurants, bars, live music, vineyards, shops, malls, yachting, boat trips, diving and sports facilities – may be found in an instance – even from the other side of the globe.

Are you there? Are you to be found?

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