ConiCon Approved as a Training Provider of both The Institute of Leadership & Management (ilm) and ILM

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Strengthening the recognition and accreditation of our training programs and seminars , we are now an approved training provider of both the ILM since 2004 and recently of The Institute of Leadership & Management(ilm) of U.K.

ILM is not an abbreviation but is the full official name for the accreditation body, which is part of the City & Guilds Group. It is known as a City & Guilds Group business and is the UK’s leading provider of management and leadership qualifications.

The ILM is dedicated to improving leadership development, both in the UK and worldwide, ensuring businesses and individuals are equipped for the working world now and in the future.

The ILM works with employers and training providers to deliver a range of apprenticeships qualifications and endorsed awards to professionals. The ILM specializes in leadership and management, coaching and mentoring, but also a range of sector and skill-specific qualifications. An ILM Award (qualification) is one of the most popular leadership and management qualifications with 70,000 managers registering to study a qualification each year.

The Institute of Leadership & Management is the professional membership body evolved from ILM and since 1947 have carried out extensive research into the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors and values of great leadership. We use our expertise to continually raise standards and to help others develop and grow.

The Institute of Leadership & Management is the official name for the professional membership entity. It is a specialist professional membership organisation that focuses on raising the professional standards of leaders and managers and is the ilm’s strategic partner.

Professionals who sign up to study an ilm Award receive a year’s membership of The Institute of Leadership & Management. This professional membership apart from its recognition in management and leadership career development, gives access to networking industry events which enable managers to connect with their local leadership community. The Institute also publishes ‘Edge’ for its members, which is a quarterly magazine full of valuable advice from thought leaders and experts; exclusive interviews and membership news and reviews.

The Institute of Leadership & Management works in collaboration with a number of influential organizations such as the prestigious Global Peter Drucker Forum including:

Global Peter Drucker Forum

University of Birmingham

ILM( Institute of Leadership & Management)

ABE (Association of Business Executives)

Conicon, apart from the recognition of the training provided, will gain from the expertise and insights of the Institute and be able to deliver this to our clients to keep them abreast of most recent developments in leadership and management.


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