(Greek) Η επικοινωνιολόγος και Eκπαιδεύτρια της εταιρείας μας, Βασιλική Χριστοφή στην εκπομπή του Alpha Κύπρου – Με Αγάπη Χριστιάνα, μιλάει με θέμα: “Αναγνώριση και Ανάλυση της Γλώσσας του Σώματος Διάσημων Προσώπων”


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It was a really helpful seminar and I was felt pleased that we participated as a company. We got new ideas and methods that we will use to improve our job and the company. The trainer was excellent, all the examples he presented were at the point to understand the meaning.
Elia Charalambous, Annitak Ltd

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