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Economics science is not Physics – Hence Inequality and Exclusion. Hence the Crises.

In contrast to the physics science whose basic theories are natural, the science of economics is based on theories developed on the basis of human assumptions, many of which do not stand in today’s globalized economy and therefore serve the needs of the few against those  of many.


The Trap of Business Data and Analytics to Avoid

Change the numbers you see and get a much better perspective. This is something simple that I try with my clients and works all the time!


The Online Paranoia- As always we exaggerate

Oh yes! Make no mistake that crises like the COVID-19 will push people and business to do the extra things to digitalize further their processes and operations.


Don’t be fooled by the facts – Your mental health is more important!

It is a fact that 2 out of 3 people focus on the negative side of things because they feel that in this way, they are better coping with whatever happens!


ConiCon Approved as a Training Provider of both The Institute of Leadership & Management (ilm) and ILM

Strengthening the recognition and accreditation of our training programs and seminars, we are now an approved training provider of both the ILM since 2004 and recently of The Institute of Leadership & Management(ilm) of U.K.


Are you out of ideas? 5 ways to inspire yourself again!

At some point we all feel we have run out of ideas and we need sources of inspiration!


(Greek) 3 Secrets to Answer with Diplomacy

This article is offered in Greek Language

Business Champion Athlete – The Myth and the Reality about Leadership

Business and professional excellence is quite similar to athletic excellence and championship.


Sorry I’m a Demotivational Speaker

I am a pragmatic implementation consultant and trainer. I am paid to tell people the truth, not what they want to hear. The scientific, pragmatic truth. In plain, simple language, sugar free, gluten free, additives and fanfares free.


(Greek) Miracles Do Not Happen!

This Blog is offered in Greek Language


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The seminar was informative at all levels. We received useful information through exercises and videos. At the same time there was a dynamic presentation and argumentation by the trainer with very helpful management knowledge in general. Mr. Mouzouris was friendly, illustrative and very transmittable.

Rafaella Christofi, MDIR Services Ltd

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