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Are you out of ideas? 5 ways to inspire yourself again!

At some point we all feel we have run out of ideas and we need sources of inspiration!


(Greek) 3 Secrets to Answer with Diplomacy

This article is offered in Greek Language

Business Champion Athlete – The Myth and the Reality about Leadership

Business and professional excellence is quite similar to athletic excellence and championship.


Sorry I’m a Demotivational Speaker

I am a pragmatic implementation consultant and trainer. I am paid to tell people the truth, not what they want to hear. The scientific, pragmatic truth. In plain, simple language, sugar free, gluten free, additives and fanfares free.


(Greek) Miracles Do Not Happen!

This Blog is offered in Greek Language

Employee Engagement is hindered by Fear!

Do you want employee engagement and cooperation at high level, then stop bullshitting yourself with team building exercises and remove the fear from the workplace.


When HR becomes RH ( Run for Help) – Here is a Real Case Study

Yesterday i was at a meeting with one of the 3 top executives whom I admire for his effectiveness and brain and the HR Manager of a leading organization.


Conicon News

Conicon team would like to congratulate our trainer Mrs. Vasiliki Christofi for her Success to be certified through NAMA (National Anger Management Association) USA, as an Anger Management Specialist.


Meetings by Definition is Waste of Time

Meetings by definition is waste of time! Unless:


Soft Skills are usually addressed Softly

More and more acclaimed ( by themselves) experts on soft skills tackle the subject too soft.



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The seminar was very interesting, I was impressed by Mr. Yiannakis knowledge and his transmissibility in education. There was a constant interest and he provided us with many examples that will help me in the near future. At the same time the trainer was very illustrative with a great appetite for work!

Stelios Vasiliou, SP Consultancy

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