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In-house Seminars Cyprus, Limassol, Nicosia, Pafos
EBEP In-seminar, Paphos

Conicon designs, organizes, and delivers in-house seminars and training programs tailored to meet exact client requirements.

The purpose of the seminars is to maximize training effectiveness. Thus, all training material, classroom activities, exercises, case studies and assignments are customized according to client needs and expectations.

Important to note is that subsidies are available through the Human Resource Department Authority of Cyprus as well as other sources such as scholarships and grants provided by Conicon.

Following is a list of indicative topics on which in-house seminars can be developed.

Business Management Program

Business Management Program

For a detailed proposal Contact Us. The Business Management program provides the management tools and methods to face the challenges of modern and complex business environment. The program is aiming at giving Managers with no formal...
ILM Office Management Program

ILM Office Management Program

The program is designed for active Office Managers, Office Administrators, Experience Secretaries and Personal Assistants who wish to advance their career in Office Management through obtaining a certificate recognized by the Institute of Leadership and...
Leadership and Management

Leadership and Management

Topics available include: Corporate Innovation 4th Generation Time Management for Leaders and Managers The 7 Principles of Effective Leadership Principles of Effective Management Advanced Management Advanced Effective Management...
Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

Topics available include: Effective Human Resource Management Basic Principles of Organizational Psychology Stress at the Workplace Work Incentives: The importance of incentives at the Workplace. Organizational Behavior and Working...
Communication of Interpersonal Skills

Communication of Interpersonal Skills

Including the following topics: Effective Communication Clerical and Administrative Staff of the Office Effective Communication The Body Language in Practice Effective Practices Compliance Conference Writing Text Reference Technical...
Customers and Sales

Customers and Sales

Topics available include: Branding Customer Satisfaction Measurement Customer Service / Care Customer Complaints Effective Sales Skills for Real Estates Retail Wholesale Food and Beverage Engineers Services...


Topics available include: Accounts Receivable Control Cash Flow Budget Preparation and Monitoring Budgetary Control Financial Management for Non – Financial Managers Costing and Cost Control Innovative Solutions to Cape with t...
Operations Management

Operations Management

Topics available include: Production Management Warehousing and Stock Control Procurement and Supply Management Maintenance Management Value Management Operational Analysis and Process Transformation Materials Requirement Planning...
Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management

Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety and Risk Management

Topics available include: Quality and Environmental management: Appreciating ISO 900, ISO 14001 Effective Quality Documentation Effective Internal Quality Auditing Introduction to TQM Quality at the Workplace The After ISO 9001 Day...
Secretarial and Administrative Skills

Secretarial and Administrative Skills

Topics available include: The International Secretary Effective Administrator Professional Skills for Executive Secretaries Assertiveness for Secretaries / PA’s and Administrators Professional Skills for Secretaries Business Writing S...


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Seminars & events

October 2020
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2020 09 28 2020 09 29

Category: General8:45 am: Σεμινάριο Λευκωσία - Ανάπτυξη Σύγχρονων και Αποτελεσματικών Δεξιοτήτων Προσωπικής/ου Βοηθού

2020 09 30 2020 10 01 2020 10 02

Category: General8:45 am: Σεμινάριο Λεμεσός - Τεχνικές Καταγραφής Πρακτικών για Αποτελεσματικότητα των Συναντήσεων

Category: General8:45 am: Σεμινάριο Λευκωσία - Αποτελεσματική Γραπτή Επικοινωνία με Πελάτες

2020 10 03 2020 10 04
2020 10 05 2020 10 06 2020 10 07 2020 10 08

Category: General8:45 am: Σεμινάριο Λεμεσός - Μέθοδοι Είσπραξης Ανεξόφλητων Οφειλών

2020 10 09 2020 10 10 2020 10 11
2020 10 12 2020 10 13

Category: General9:00 am: Σεμινάριο Λεμεσός - Anger Management - Σεμινάριο Διαχείρισης Θυμού, Πίεσης και Έντασης

2020 10 14 2020 10 15 2020 10 16 2020 10 17 2020 10 18
2020 10 19 2020 10 20 2020 10 21 2020 10 22 2020 10 23 2020 10 24 2020 10 25
2020 10 26 2020 10 27 2020 10 28 2020 10 29 2020 10 30

Category: General10:00 am: Live Online Training – 16 Τρόποι να Απελευθερώσετε και να Ενδυναμώσετε την Αυτοπεποίθηση σας

2020 10 31 2020 11 01


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Constructive seminar! I learned things that will help me in my career. The seminar was very well organized and the trainer was very well prepared and we solved all our questions.
Maria Sergiou, Medevents

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