Get Rid of Bad Habits in the Workplace

bad habits workplace

Creating a daily habit is the easiest thing to do but at the same time it is extremely difficult to get rid of it!


Procrastination: How to change it


Procrastination is now a daily occurrence, both on professionally and personal level and we use it in order to better manage our time.


Sustainable Development and the Greek Myth of Aesop (The hen with the golden eggs)

the hen with the golden egg

The EU sets out that the objective of sustainable development is to meet the needs of current generations without compromising future generations ability to meet their own needs.


5 Signs Showing that the Customer is not Satisfied

unsatisfied customer

Are your customers satisfied or not?


The 4 communication mistakes during The Telephone Communication and how to Change them

telephone communication mistakes eng

Undoubtedly, telephone communication is the most popular and necessary communication method for all businesses.


Fear: How to Overcome It and Boost Your Success!

fear eng

Fear is what makes you not risk but also not grab opportunities that come into your life as it paralyzes you! Especially when you haven’t learned that a move forward is possible to change circumstances.


Distant Interview – How to Maximize Your Success Rates

distant interview

Distant interviews are now something daily for both many companies and many candidates.


Do you work from home? 4 Tips to Boost Your Effectiveness

Work from Home eng

When you start working from home then you realize that it is a very demanding process and it takes discipline to be able to be effective.


(Greek) 7 Common Crisis Communication Management Mistakes – What to Avoid

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of The Portal Sprinter 10

This article is offered in Greek Language

New Business Models in the era of Uncertainty

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of The Portal Sprinter

Changes are usually made by companies in times of normality and usually when things are going well.



What is your Work most important Motivator?

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