Distant Interview – How to Maximize Your Success Rates

Distant interviews are now something daily for both many companies and many candidates.


Do you work from home? 4 Tips to Boost Your Effectiveness

When you start working from home then you realize that it is a very demanding process and it takes discipline to be able to be effective.


(Greek) 7 Common Crisis Communication Management Mistakes – What to Avoid

This article is offered in Greek Language

New Business Models in the era of Uncertainty

Changes are usually made by companies in times of normality and usually when things are going well.


Problem Solving: The 10 characteristics that stand out in Problem Solvers

Effective problem solving is now among the most popular skills around the world.


Cut off the Chaos – 8 Steps to launch your Effectiveness

Individuals who are account to a seniors and are in direct contact with the Director (Personal assistants, assistants, Administration etc.) are necessary to be effective.


Back to work! 5 Tips for not getting stressed about it

#facts: Things in the workplace you can change, and you can’t change:


Performance Management with Great Leadership and Effectiveness Ingredients that Adds Value to your Business

The truth of the matter is that 80+% of Performance evaluation systems I come across are useless and actually create more problems than adding any value and another 10% lack critical parameters built into the system and the culture in order to add real value to the business.


(Greek) 6 Steps to Manage your Anger

This article is offered in Greek Language

Forget about Organizational Structures and Job Descriptions – They are nonsense

Unless the Organizational Structure is designed around a culture of performance, job descriptions are replaced by Performance Specifications and both (structure and performance specification) are dynamic and linked to remuneration and other incentives.



What is your Work most important Motivator?

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The seminar was informative at all levels. We received useful information through exercises and videos. At the same time there was a dynamic presentation and argumentation by the trainer with very helpful management knowledge in general. Mr. Mouzouris was friendly, illustrative and very transmittable.

Rafaella Christofi, MDIR Services Ltd

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