Leadership Endangered by Presenting Only the One Side of Skills

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Is it about people or about performance and metrics?

It’s both!


The Soul of a Company: Unveiling its Significance in Today’s Business Landscape

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In a recent missive penned by Howard Shultz to Starbucks’ board members, the concept of a company’s Soul struck a chord with me, resonating deeply in the context of my own work.


Strategy and Planning doesn’t make Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

There is not such a thing as Strategic Planning! Strategy is one thing and Planning is another. Yet most schools and training organizations use the term Strategic Planning adding to the already existing confusion about Strategy and Strategic Thinking.


Traditional Strategic Business Planning vs Modern Strategic Business Planning

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Strategic Business Planning has evolved significantly in response to the unstable, uncertain and disruptive business environment of recent years. This change is mainly due to the recognition that traditional, long-term strategic planning methods are often ill-suited to navigating today’s fast-changing business.


Everybody thinks their Business is Different and more Complicated than that of others!

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In 28 years of management implementation consulting career, I was often challenged by the statement by many clients in all sectors that their business is different and more complicated than that of others and therefore their issues and challenges are complex. Actually, 2 out 5 business owners have stated the above one way or another.


Traditional Sales Techniques are now Obsolete!

persuasion techniques

Persuasion is vital to achieving great results and is not about promoting products to customers, but about understanding their needs and presenting solutions that really address their “pain points”.


How Employees Respond to Business Performance Requirements and Why!

How Employees Respond to Business Performance Requirements and Why 2

I have spent almost my entire career-27 years now, in executive management and professional training and management consulting.


What does Physics tell us about Business Modeling. Abandon Static and Embrace Dynamic!

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Everyone involved in business today recognize that the territory is filled with Uncertainty. But what does this really mean?


Stop blaming the Pandemic for your Bad or Indifferent Customer Service

bad customer service during covid

The truth is that the pandemic has highlighted that the way and methods that many companies/organizations are using to serve customers is bad and that they have long since moved away from impeccable or even basic customer service.


Professional: What is required


Professionalism is what is required from all of us in all professions regardless of position, and it is what often comes and negatively affects our professional life and we end up having undesirable results.



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