Stop blaming the Pandemic for your Bad or Indifferent Customer Service

bad customer service during covid

The truth is that the pandemic has highlighted that the way and methods that many companies/organizations are using to serve customers is bad and that they have long since moved away from impeccable or even basic customer service.


Professional: What is required


Professionalism is what is required from all of us in all professions regardless of position, and it is what often comes and negatively affects our professional life and we end up having undesirable results.


4 Things You Do on Social Networks That Negatively Affect You

4 mistakes on social networks

Social networks are part of our lives, as it is an excellent communication channel that we can use for us or against us. Everything we post conveys messages and shapes our image or the company’s we work for.


5 Conflict Resolution Steps for Superiors

5 Conflict Resolution Steps for Superiors

Conflicts in the workplace are nowadays a daily occurrence and for this very reason it is necessary to have a structured process/strategy about conflict resolution by superiors and human resources department.


Effective Delegation of Work or Results

delegation article eng

Effective delegation of work is a very important tool for the supervisor, head of a department etc.


4 Steps to have Positive Energy

4 steps to have positive energy

The energy that each person has is special, but we have learned to separate it between negative and positive energy.


Get Rid of Bad Habits in the Workplace

bad habits workplace

Creating a daily habit is the easiest thing to do but at the same time it is extremely difficult to get rid of it!


Procrastination: How to change it


Procrastination is now a daily occurrence, both on professionally and personal level and we use it in order to better manage our time.


Sustainable Development and the Greek Myth of Aesop (The hen with the golden eggs)

the hen with the golden egg

The EU sets out that the objective of sustainable development is to meet the needs of current generations without compromising future generations ability to meet their own needs.


5 Signs Showing that the Customer is not Satisfied

unsatisfied customer

Are your customers satisfied or not?



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