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Conicon offer a wide range of management consulting services in Cyprus. We work closely with the client to establish the strategy, objectives and develop methods, processes and management systems that will cause the lowest costs, make the greatest savings and have the most decisive effects on sustained profits.

Our Policy is that consultancy should combine advice and concrete professional work, whereby the consultants would transfer technology and expertise to the client’s operations, through closely planned and implemented team work with major officials and staff of the client’s company.

The objective of this policy is to deliver high-quality and cost effectiveness with flexibility tailored to suit the specific requirements of each individual client. Conicon is your trusted partner for management consulting in Cyprus.

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Management consulting in Limassol, Cyprus - Συμβουλευτική στην Κύπρο

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Management Consulting in Nicosia, Cyprus - Συμβουλευτική στην Κύπρο


Internal Expert and Consultant Retainer Scheme

Internal Expert and Consultant Retainer Scheme

Within the current turbulent and hazardous economic environment, Organizations can sustain and face up the upcoming challenges by outsourcing the expert services of specialized consultants on a need basis and at variable cost for: Establishing objectives...
Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching is a process through which the individual or a small team of people receives personalized and custom designed guidance in a pursued direction of need, in order to achieve the desired results. In addition, there is a feedback between...
Business Strategy and Development

Business Strategy and Development

Organizations need to redefine their existence purpose within the market place as well as their direction –true Norton- by developing strong competitive advantages and core competences: Culture Change Programmes Strategic Business Planning ...
Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management

Capital, Technology, Products and Materials, Methods and People are the 5 resources that an Organization utilizes toward excellence. Out of these 5 People are by far the most significant, merely because People decide on a daily basis how to utilize and...
Production, Operations and Materials Management

Production, Operations and Materials Management

Re designing of Production / Operational processes and establishing controls to ensure added value, effectiveness efficiency and to deliver specific and measurable results with flexibility to adapt to changing customer requirements. Production /...
Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management

Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Management

Strategy must be supported by robust and efficiently designed management systems to control operations in order to maximize people satisfaction to requirements (Stakeholders, Management and Staff, Clients Society): Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental...
Engineering and Information Technology System Design

Engineering and Information Technology System Design

Innovation and application of sound engineering provides scientific fine tuning, measurement, speed and ideas generation, four essential ingredients to corporate success. Engineering Design and Development Analytics Process / Machine / Automation...

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The seminar purpose was clear and was able to convey our message how to manage our anger. The course was very practical with reference to actual examples and exercises.
Michalis Pesis , P. Orphanides Steel Construction Ltd

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