Why us?

1. Because operating 24 years in the market, we have learnt well what you need and what you don’t

You don’t want Consultants and Trainers that tell you what to do, but those who know well how to do it and more over they are willing to take up the responsibility for the results.

You don’t want reports issued at the Consultant’s office but Consultants in your Business where real challenges are faced.

We know that you are disappointed by Consultants and Trainers that deliver speeches, manuals and promises.

That is why while others just talk and create expectations, we talk, execute, implement and deliver results.


2. Never two Businesses are alike even if they operate in the same sector

That is why 24+ years now we have undertaken Consultancy and Training projects in Cyprus and overseas for small and medium Companies as well as large, International Corporations in almost all sectors of the economy.

Our portfolio includes more than 1000 Consultancy Projects, more than 2000 Training Programmes in which more than 10.000 Executives and Professionals have participated.

Yes, a lot of those projects were highly successful, some were marginally successful and a few have failed. That is why we have learnt well what works and what does not, what are the constraints and which are the opportunities and risks.


3. Today, more than ever, you face multiple challenges and you are forced to operate in a continuously uncertain environment

That’s why we fully understand that they key to success is flexibility, speed in making decisions and the effective rechannelling of your resources in added value activities for your clients.

That is why we look at a Business as a set of Processes and not Departments. This methodology allows us to align corporate strategies and objectives with those of teams and individuals. Furthermore, it allows us to develop flexible operational systems and enhance the necessary cognitive ability to your people.

This way, everyone in the Business can understand inputs and outputs of each process in which he/she is directly or indirectly involved, have access to necessary data and information in real time and make quickly the best possible decision to act.


4. We understand that you are afraid of the future.

We are too. But we also know that success lies at the other side of fear.

In this toxic, uncertain and highly turbulent financial, social and business environment you cannot predict the future. This is why the existing financial and economic models and customers surveys fail to predict figures and market / consumer behaviour and actions.

You can overcome these barriers by designing and implementing an effective programme aiming at developing the technical, interpersonal management and leadership skills of your people. This way everyone will have the ability to set clear objectives and undertake the responsibility to deliver specific, measurable results at a deadline.

That’s why we design custom made Training and Development and not Educational Programmes or seminars. We expose trainees into real business case studies and scenarios in order to enable them put their knowledge into practice within the Business.

That’s why for the last 13+ years we cooperate closely with the World’s biggest and most credible Vocational Skills Qualifications Organization, the Institute of Leadership and Management, UK (ilm).

All of our training programmes are assessed, approved and verified along the way with regards to the training material, the trainers and verification methods used to ensure the quality and effectiveness of delivery and execution.


5. When others fail we step in by experience and track record

We back up our training and management consulting with 25 years of field experience to ensure it is current, relevant and implementable. We know what works, when it works and how to custom adapt practices in the workplace for real results.

Experience acquired in the manufacturing, professional services, Logistics, telecom, energy, commerce, horeca, tourism, trading, technology sectors have equipped us with the ability to understand business context quickly

Experience acquired by working 25 years with clients of different sectors, different sizes all over the globe in Europe, USA, Middle East, Gulf equipped us with the skills to understand and deal with multi cultural environments in various markets and economic conditions.

Experience acquired by facing challenges in small to medium as well large International clients in staff from the very small of 2-5 staff up to the leaders in their fields with 70000 + staff all over the world equipped us with the ability to deal with complex projects and adapt best practices to the exact needs of our clients.

We are the leading Strategy, Business Management, Performance and Communication Firm, by experience and track record.


6. We are not the cheapest, but we provide the highest value for money for our services

We strongly believe and indeed we have verified numerous times through our clients that the cost of Consulting and/or Training is a profitable and rewarding in many ways investment when it leads to real results for the Business/Organization. That’s what we do well!

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Category: General9:00 am: Σεμινάριο Λεμεσός – Μετατρέψτε την Αρνητική Ενέργεια σε Θετική Ενέργεια στον Εργασιακό σας Χώρο

9:00 am: Σεμινάριο Λεμεσός – Μετατρέψτε την Αρνητική Ενέργεια σε Θετική Ενέργεια στον Εργασιακό σας Χώρο
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Category: General8:45 am: Σεμινάριο Λευκωσία – Τεχνικές Καταγραφής Πρακτικών για Αποτελεσματικότητα των Συναντήσεων

8:45 am: Σεμινάριο Λευκωσία – Τεχνικές Καταγραφής Πρακτικών για Αποτελεσματικότητα των Συναντήσεων
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Very clear, well prepared seminar that made me understand what ISO 9001 is. Due to the functional number of participants (not very big) the dialogue was even more effective. Very good trainer!

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