It doesn’t matter how you look! It does matter how you communicate your image!


Communication is a straight forward road!! We choose to make it complicated …


You have to focus to your goals in order to achieve them…





The imperfections – spots that we all have make us unique and special


Sometimes you have to turn back and see from distance some things

sometimes you have to turn back and see from distance some things (3)

You can be #1 on Google!


Social Media are meant to be used …


Don’t Say “I want to be happy” Rather say “I am happy”

tip i am happy

Don’t Talk. Just Do!


Sailing in the Direction of Success

Sailing tip

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This is to verify that Navigo Management Company has used, and continue to use the services of Conicon to provide training to our Office staff, with respect to our Quality / Safety Management System. Specifically to providing training in auditing techniques. The training provided by Conicon has been to our complete satisfaction.
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