(Greek) Το Βλέμμα σας Καθορίζει τον Βαθμό της Αυτοπεποίθησης σας!

(Greek) Το να είσαι αρεστός σαν ο εαυτός σου είναι άλλο πράγμα από το να είσαι αρεστός και να έχεις αλλοιωθεί!

Teamwork works even when it comes to having a beer

I care deeply How you say it and How you actually Do It

Each Communication should be like baby steps…

It doesn’t matter how you look! It does matter how you communicate your image!


Communication is a straight forward road!! We choose to make it complicated …


You have to focus to your goals in order to achieve them…





The imperfections – spots that we all have make us unique and special


Sometimes you have to turn back and see from distance some things

sometimes you have to turn back and see from distance some things (3)

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Excellent seminar! It gave us an overall understanding on how our attitude and body language affects our daily lives. You get to learn about how to improve your confidence through practical ways.
Carissa Pouyioukka, Ocean Basket Franchise LTD

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