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Conicon is an Approved Training Provider and implements Accredited Management Programmes of the Institute of Leadership and Management (UK) which is part of City & Guilds, the largest and oldest national accreditation organization. As well as The Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm) of UK which is the largest professional body in the field of Leadership and Management.

The recognized programmes aim to give Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Managers and Employers with no formal Management qualifications the opportunity to acquire Practical knowledge, Skills and Certification in Management and / or Leadership approved by both ILM and ilm.

Besides that, professionals with a background in Management could update their knowledge, excel their skills and enhance their toolbox with new and up-to-date techniques, methodologies and tools of Management and Leadership.

Upon the successful completion of the Programme, participants will receive a Certificate from The Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm).

All participants who successfully complete a Programme are eligible to register for free – (the first year of membership) as members of The Institute of Leadership and Management. Signing up for an ilm membership is a powerful add-on qualification.

Our recognized programmes are flexible, practical, internationally recognized and offered at low cost in Greek and English language.  Also, our accredited programmes are offered in the form of programmed (open training) or even in-house training.

Subsidies are available through the Cyprus Human Resources Development Authority, as well as other sources, including scholarships and grants provided by Conicon.

A list of indicative subjects of inhouse training programs can be found here.

Check for the upcoming, scheduled, endorsed Management Programmes or contact us to organize a recognized in-house programme.

Management programmes

ILM Office Management Programme

ILM Office Management Programme

Our Office Management Program is designed for active Office Managers, Office Administrators, Experience Secretaries and Personal Assistants who wish to advance their career in Office Management recognized by the Institute of Leadership and Management, UK, the premier management qualifications awarding...
ILM Business Management Program

ILM Business Management Program

Our Business Management Program is aiming at giving Managers with no formal Management Qualifications the opportunity to acquire a certificate in Business Management endorsed by the Institute of Leadership and Management, UK, the premier management qualifications awarding body worldwide. Furthermore ...
ILM Human Resource Management

ILM Human Resource Management

Our Human Resource Management program is aiming at giving a broad knowledge about how to succeed an effective management of organization’s employees, commonly known as its human resources and ensure employee commitment and realization of management objectives. The programme is designed for HR practitioners w...
ILM Women In Leadership

ILM Women In Leadership

The Women In Leadership Programme is designed exclusively for women who desire to climb up the ladder and advance their career as recognized leaders in their sector, and either have or will take over managerial or leadership positions. The programme aims to give you knowledge and skills on innovative...
ILM Stress Management Programme

ILM Stress Management Programme

The continuous competition in business environment, economic crisis and pressure at work are all sources of stress. High expectations from the employer might frustrate employees and cause their performance. The stress management programme is aiming at giving the tools, techniques as to and mind frame...

Endorsed by ILM

Our programmes are endorsed by ILM Office & HR Management Programmes in Limassol and Nicosia. Professional body of England, a member of City & Guilds the largest accreditation organization for qualifications in the world with recognition and history of 100 years.

Ilm (The Institute of Leadership & Management), is a professional body that has been conducting research since 1947 in the areas of knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviors, and values in Leadership.

They Office & HR Management Programmes in Cyprushave permanent partners: Global Peter Drucker Forum, University of Birmingham, ILM, The Association of Business Executives (ABE), Workforce Development Trust, Career Net, Queen’s Commonwealth Trust, Trusted Coach Directory.

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