Mr Yiannakis Mouzouris is a natural! He has the ability to extract inner talents that were either untapped or trapped inside. He is insistent that one’s abilities far outweigh individual limitations. Mr Yiannakis is insightful and has fun while guiding you to self-motivation…and with that motivation, you will do things that you thought were either long gone or impossible…you will shine!

Mr Yiannakis powerful communication skills, teaching facility, zeal, and dedication have empowered me in my community to find my voice. I recommend Yiannakis to all who wish a champion for improved communication and leadership training.

He was dedicated, enthusiastic and creative in approach…a pleasure to work with.

A powerful and exciting presentation. Your humour was entertaining and refreshing. Your style of communication was unique and inspiring. I left every single meeting thinking how I will do things differently and more professionally.

Your keynote was electrifying! Thank you so much for motivating and inspiring me. I am still buzzing about your powerful program.

I found you professional, personable and attuned to my needs. The questions you asked, the way you tailored customized your program and your supplemental materials all supported my goals beautifully.

Thank you for your enthusiasm, humour and expertise and especially I thank you for spending such quality time with your audience.



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The trainer was very good. The seminar was interesting with very good material!
Chrystalla Karagiorgi, Cablenet Communication Systems Ltd