4 Things You Do on Social Networks That Negatively Affect You

4 mistakes on social networks

Social networks are part of our lives, as it is an excellent communication channel that we can use for us or against us. Everything we post conveys messages and shapes our image or the company’s we work for.

A lot of people tell me:

“It’s my social media account and I have the right to write and upload whatever I want.”

“It’s another thing my personal account and another what my company writes and what it says” (I still hear this from company owners)

They’re certainly right, but with exactly the same right a company can reject a prospective employee, or a customer could refuse to continue collaborating or even stop buying from you because of a post.

Customers, future employers and future customers look at your personal social networks, not your company’s!!!

Below I will share with you 4 things you do on Social Networks that negatively affect you:

1. You post and comment on topics that come in conflict with your company

Join in conversations and comments that you can handle and you won’t be expose at the end. Like it or not, once we are paid by a particular company it is our duty to align ourselves with the line taken by the company. If you take the opposite view, you simply can’t work for a company you don’t believe in.

This is also the case with business owners, putting different things on their personal social media accounts than what they put in their businesses. Basically, following a different line in their personal and business social networks. Customers can easily identify this.


2. Post with moderation (not always photos with friends, swimwear, drinks, late nights).

Don’t forget that social networks are just a time-consuming hobby. You don’t have to keep uploading moments of your personal life as it sends the opposite messages rather than professionalism. You can share things about your work.


3. Demonstration of wealth

No one likes to see someone demonstrating his wealth as it clearly indicates that this person likes to show off, thus showing that they lack self-esteem and self-confidence. Remember that people who have wealth do not show it off! On the contrary they are humble! They don’t need confirmation from anyone!


4. Comments and posts containing: sexist, homophobic jokes, discrimination, racism but also strong political comments

Any of the above are considered extreme, even if you think they’re not, they’re about respect and education.

Every human have the right to believe what they want… and it is necessary to respect the view of the other side.

I respect your point of view means, I’m not trying to change it with intimidation or manipulative techniques.


Social Networks represent you (it’s the first thing the other person will look at – whether it’s a partner, colleague, boss, customer).

Use them wisely and intelligently.

Through Social Networks you can promote what you do, win customers, increase your income and become an important voice in your field.

Christofi Vasiliki
Applied Communication, Soft Skills and PR Specialist,
NAMA Certified: Anger Management Specialist
CCIS Crisis Intervention Specialist
Trainer & Coach


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