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The 3 Paradoxes of Customer Service – How can we Change them

Customer service is a matter that bothers both business and customers as well. As there is a positive or negative reaction on both sides.


Event Management – What you should avoid?


Apparently, events organization seems easy, until you start organizing.


6 Ways to Avoid Stress

Stress is a feeling which is perfectly normal. Many times, however, we cannot control it, so we end up overflowing with anxiety.


(Greek) Aggressive Communication with Clients

This article is offered in Greek Language

What Public Relations isn’t – 8 practices that you should avoid if you want to apply successful Public Relations with your customers?

Public Relations in our minds has been misunderstood… So below I will give you 8 practices that you Must Avoid in order to get the desired results and to lead the people that will take this work forward for you:


All you need to know about the Body Language in Interviews

Do you think body language is important in interviews??


8 Secrets to Become a Successful Office Manager

Maybe your dream is to manage an office efficiently? Or you are an Office Manager but want to improve dramatically your skills?


(Greek) Εντυπωσιάστε με τον λόγο σας…!!! Άψογη και Αποτελεσματική Ομιλία

(Greek) Ενδυναμώστε την Αυτοπεποίθηση σας Τώρα!!!!

Culture and Communication

Conicon LtdDo you think that we promote and communicate our culture in other countries? The answer is No of course. And the reason is because we don’t  understand the importance of that. And basically we are influenced by other cultures that care to promote their cultures and civilization for example as Americans, what do I mean?


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I believe that the programme in its entirety was very well structured. It has enriched me with too much knowledge and I am sure that it has enhanced my skills both personally and professionally. The two trainers of the programme are very well trained and very transmittable. I can confidently say that I will return to my company with more appetite and desire to work and to offer with all these I gained from the programme. Finally I feel happy that I was able to take part in the programme because …
Peter - Andreas Hatzikostas, Troodos Development Company

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