Procrastination: How to change it


Procrastination is now a daily occurrence, both on professionally and personal level and we use it in order to better manage our time.

In reality, however, it is the avoidance of any situation and the systematic postponement of things in the long run in many cases, but it makes us feel like spectators of our own lives.

The main source of procrastination is the Fear of Failure.

Below you can see which categories of people are procrastinated and why they do so à this is  your    chance to  find out  if  you’re in one of these categories too:


The person who looks at even the smallest detail in the plan that he has in his mind but does not start anything until he is sure that everything will meet the high demands he has. (many times it is the people who insist on the procedures without thinking about moving forward)



The person who’s nervous about everything and he’s afraid he’s not going to make it, so he doesn’t start anything and leaves things unfinished.



The person that leaves everything for the last minute because he overestimates his powers that he can make it. It’s the person who say he likes pressure, so he does what he want but don’t give the necessary attention and care.



The person who dreams of the Perfect plan but does not take action so as not to spoil what he has designed and fall from the clouds (his safety net).


Now, after we’ve taken the 1st step that’s the most important  -> RECOGNITION (in essence, we are procrastinated and that this is something that is an issue for us) below you will see practical tips on how to get rid of your procrastination:


1. Every time you try to put off something, say to yourself:

«Why tomorrow and not today?»

 That way you’ll start to deal with your procrastination, and by keep doing it you will eventually change it.


2. List the things that are meaningless

That way when you see them, you’re going to force yourself to start doing them.


3. Change the way you communicate to yourself so you don’t feel compelled to do something

I have to do I choose / I want to do
I have to finish until When can I start
There’s a lot of them, I’ll do it tomorrow. I can start today.
This task is very difficult I can start doing small pieces of the task


4. Get rid of or at least limit distractions  

When you start doing something focus on the work you do and don’t bother with other things like cell phone, phone calls, social networks, gossip, internet. Focus on what you’re doing to buy time and not feel like you’re never done with this job.


5. Stop thinking about it and start doing something!

When we think too much about the things we have then we feel unable to do anything. All you need to do is convince yourself that a move forward is possible and then you will start doing something!


It is very important to remember that it is our actions that lead us to today and tomorrow!

That’s why don’t let things happen some other time! Do it today!

As long as we let things go, we don’t solve anything, we just prolong it because we don’t have the courage to deal with it.

Apply these simple and practical tips and you will see an immediate difference in your everyday life.

Christofi Vasiliki
Applied Communication, Soft Skills and PR Specialist,
NAMA Certified: Anger Management Specialist
CCIS Crisis Intervention Specialist
Trainer & Coach


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Through this seminar we learned about activating the parasympathetic part of our brain! At the same time, we were given important techniques and methods to deal with stress immediately. Ms. Christofi was very contagious and had examples for all occasions which makes it easier to memorize the things she presented!

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