6 Ways to Avoid Stress

Stress is a feeling which is perfectly normal. Many times, however, we cannot control it, so we end up overflowing with anxiety.

There are 6 simple ways where that you can apply to reduce your anxiety significantly.

1) Finally Accept it:

Anxiety in early stages is a fact of the modern life we ​​live in. You cannot completely avoid it. Denying that you don’t have stress is something that maximizes things. Once you accept it and learn where it comes from, it will be much easier to manage it.

2) Nothing can change if you keep thinking about it:

The more you think about the issues that stresses you, the harder and heavier they become in your mind. You feel that you cannot do anything, your helpless and can’t manage them. Anyway, by thinking only there is nothing you can do, and you can’t find solutions.

Simplify in your mind the issues that concern so you can start finding solutions and focusing on the important ones. The phrase “So What” says it all. Avoid thinking and dealing with issues that are not worth it.

3) Express your feelings:

Cry or smile if you feel it!! It is better to express them and not hold them inside. Everything that pushes us, makes us nervous at some point will break us down and this will be done with aggression (steeply). Your emotion it’s not a shame! When you express your feelings and take them outside, you will feel calm and not choking with everything.

4) A To-do List is enough!!

Within our minds we have too many things to think about and we often forget them or we worry that we will not prevent them.

This is the solution…. Take a To Do List (in whatever form you want in electronic or in paper) and write down what needs to be done, when and how long it will take you to do it. When you write them down you simplify things in your mind, and you do it officially, so you work specified without wasting time. When we focus on 1 thing and set a specific time to do it, then we devote ourselves to it and we end it. Trying to do a lot together is unfortunate, and we get even worse.

5) “Switch Off”

Very important but we usually don’t do it because we run out of time! I’m sure you can find 2 minutes in the day. Choose the time that you will be able to switch off. We all need it, 2 minutes is enough. We reconstitute ourselves and get energy. It’s better if you are alone.

6) Avoid stressed people:

Too many people either in work or in our personal lives are very stressed and pass it on to other people. If you can’t help somehow these people and you are not very close to them, then you must avoid them because you will be even more stressed. Or give them this article you just read!

These are 6 simple ways to reduce your stress.

The sure thing is, if you do not try, you won’t know if it works or not.

And remember, you must keep in mind the phrase “So what”

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Christofi Vasiliki
Communication, Soft Skills and PR Specialist – Trainer and Coach
Conicon Ltd

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Vasiliki as a trainer was a very good connoisseur of the topic and presented it in a simple and very understandable way that the results were evident and direct. Bravo! The whole atmosphere has a beautiful freshness.
Miranda Sidera, LAMARQUE Training Center LTD

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