8 Secrets to Become a Successful Office Manager


Maybe your dream is to manage an office efficiently? Or you are an Office Manager but want to improve dramatically your skills?

If you are positive to one of the above, then we will give you the secrets to become a Successful Office Manager!!

But let’s take things from the beginning. What ultimately makes you an Office Manager? Because in our ears it sounds like a very nice place with prestige and perhaps the name alone is enough to fascinate people.

For many companies the Office Manager is one of the most important people because he is the person who organizes, coordinates and controls all functions and procedures of the office and other support services in order to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

Now you must be wondering what are the secrets? Yes yes, I will share them with you. Because I love to share!

1. Time Management and Organization

Alpha and omega!!! Believe me if you do not organize yourself personally as individuals you will never be able to organize other people, and every day, every minute you will feel that you have to do a million things and do not have time. You will feel a weight on the chest which is unbearable.

When we say organization we mean to have control of things, to keep track of things, that you do not forget anything. Once you get organized, you can start putting priorities in your daily routine in order to make effective management of your time. I can tell you with certainty that your best friend will become your calendar (electronic or printed) – it will remind you things.

2. Leadership – Inspire your team

Leadership, it is misunderstood by many people but is essential to your work!!

To become successful you have to lead the people and inspire them to become better. You give them the example eg. Effective planning and assignment of tasks, coordination and guidance of people are some of the daily tasks for which you have to be the example.

Furthermore, it is your job to give them a driving force in their work.

Additionally you need to develop the ability of Persuasion without necessarily exerting power.

3. Decision Making and Problem Solving

You will be the person to whom they will come when a serious decision must be taken or a problem must be solved. Undoubtedly you have to be able to evaluate objectively the people and situations to take a decision and remain calm during the problems without panic.

The stress and the pressure will make you take wrong decisions.

4. Communication – is my way…

The most important interpersonal skill which can bring you results, only if you know the secrets. Being able to communicate with your team and with customers and partners efficiently, it is like having an advantage over others. It’s our style, the way we speak, our body language.

Discover and develop your ability to communicate. If there is limited communication with your team then you will have problems.

Do not forget also the reasoning capabilities needed to convince both your team but mainly your superiors.

And make it your way!!!

5. Dealing with Yourself and the Other

Anxiety, stress, anger, conflicts, emotions, reactions of men and women. These are some of the emotions that you experience. And the reason you will face them is because you work with people and not with machines, and people have feelings!

And you should be able to manage these emotions effectively and equitably to all people. There are practical ways to manage the above.

6. Reading Financial Data

Do not rush, I do not tell you to do economic analysis, simply learn to interpret some simple mathematical figures that anyone can learn. This will help in relation with the office objectives and will learn you to think a little more practical, and how important is your work in connection with the above.

It is also essential ingredient for development.

7. Make your Office Digital

Discovered the potential of Digital Office and see your office transform and become more efficient. Additionally nowadays it is very important to become member of the social networks and get knowledge about your website and how to become more effective.

And our last secret is…

8. The Office Manager should show professionalism!!

It is not just a job, it is YOUR OWN job. Face it with Professionalism in order the other to see you as a Professional!

I know that now you must be wondering: Aren’t there a lot needed? Where will I learn all these? – Yes it is a lot but if you really want to learn. Attend a comprehensive program that will give you all the tools and will prepare you in practice for everything you will meet.

The start seems difficult but make the first step to come closer to your dream!!!

Christofi Vasiliki
Communication, Soft Skills and PR Specialist – Trainer and Coach
Conicon Ltd


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Very interesting seminar! Vasiliki was very transmittable, positive and encouraged the exchange of views.
Georgia Adamantou, Eureka Ltd

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