The 10 drivers for the transformation of HR in THPP

HR is outdated. If you want real performance of the people then you must change to THPP – Talent Hiring and People Performance Management. Why?

The 10 drivers for the transformation of HR in THPP:

  1. Recruitment is converted into Talent Hiring

The recognition and diagnosis of talents is associated with the PAT Syndrome of ConiCon. The Talent comes from behaviour which is determined by the Principles, passion for achieving objectives (Ambition) and the physical ability for excellence (Talent). Companies that adhere to traditional ways of recruiting staff spend a lot more and have more staff leak.

  1. The Job Description is converted into Performance Specifications

Usually the job description specifies the responsibilities of each job. For example you will be responsible for sales or you will be responsible for archiving, etc. The responsibilities alone do not determine in any way the goals or desired performance indicators. This is determined by measurable key performance indicators e.g. Sales: Amount of sales to be achieved in a specified time. Archiving: Documents revoking Time.

  1. Education and Training is converted into Mentoring and Coaching

Training / education provides supplies (knowledge, practices, tools, methods, etc.). Mentoring and coaching focuses on the ability of the person to search the supplies / knowledge with the support of a mentor. Many times people look for easy solutions. Ready procedures, methods, tools. The guidance strengthens critical thinking for the person in order to have the ability to seek solutions under different conditions and to take initiatives.

  1. Commitment is converted into Creativity

You can ‘buy’ the hands, the body, and the legs of an employee but not his heart. Therein lies the dedication. You can ‘buy’ working hours but not his mind. Therein lies the creativity.

  1. Progression is converted into Passion

The progression usually refers to hierarchical advancement. In fact, however advancement means more responsibility, more power and freedom. The passion in this case, when the person has, strengthens the answers to 5 questions:

What to do?

How to do it?

Is it worth to do it?

  1. Manpower Planning is converted into Human Resources Strategy

Manpower planning of Human Resources is a dynamic task and refers to both short-term and medium-term horizon. The strategy on the other hand is Leadership ability and refers to long term. Successful businesses today start with Strategies (Sales, Finance. Human Resources, Production, etc.). Then align these strategies and prepare their action plans.

  1. Organizational Structure is converted into Accountability and Reporting Framework

The Organizational Structure is not efficient without strong and agreed accountability and evaluation framework. People are prepared to be accountable for their results and receive feedback from the Heads regularly.

  1. From Performance Appraisals to Performance Potential Assessment

In relation to the 7, evaluation systems fail for the following reasons:

  1. They do not lead to something specific (performance, development, growth)
  2. They are not based on objective performance criteria
  3. They are not agreed and accepted
  4. They are used more as a tool for judgement and not for growth and improved levels of performance levels

    9. From Incentives to Self-Motivation

There is a fundamentally flawed interpretation of Motivation. If a person is not motivated by himself he will hardly be motivated by the Organizational system. The motivation of a person depends on the passion we have for what we do-the nature of our work and the feeling that it is worth it

  1. From Teamwork to Synergy and Interdependence

The cooperation and interaction are enhanced by the development of three key principles of efficiency.

  1. Communication and mainly listening ability
  2. The pursuit of mutual benefit in partnerships
  3. The ability of constructive argument and persuasion.

Yiannakis Mouzouris
Head of Consultancy and Training
ConiCon Ltd


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