Why a new website?

An ever-increasing number of business transactions are made online nowadays. But still there are companies with poor or no digital presence. I will hereby argue for the need of a new and modern website.


People make a lot of research online before they buy a product or service. We often base our choices on online research and word of mouth. We don´t have time to check catalogues or drive around to get information. The conclusion is that if you are not online, you don´t even exist.


Internet is always obtainable, as many use smartphones, tablets as well as desktop computers.  Your website is accessible 24 hours a day. web-design-coniconYou can tell your visitors about new products, prices and contact information etc. And your website should be responsive, tailored for all devices.


Internet has a great reach, better than any other advertising. A modern and beautiful website will serve as your best ad. Tell the visitors about new products, sales, offers, as well as the history of your company. And it does not cost a fortune. A properly managed website will make search engines guide visitors to you.


You can sell products/services 24 hours a day. Your customers don´t have to wait until your shop opens. As long as the products are in stock, the business never takes a break. Even if you have a physical shop, e-commerce may lift your sales even higher.


People judge you from the website. Proper information and a good graphic design may lift your business to a whole new level – even if you have small company with a small communication budget.

Cost effective

There are affordable solutions for every business nowadays. New smart software (content management systems) allows you to manage your website by yourself. You can update it, write news or blog post, and add new products. You are in charge.

And as always, we may provide you with the keys.

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