All you need to know about the Body Language in Interviews

Do you think body language is important in interviews??

What I can tell you from my experience is that 50% or maybe more of the people attention is gathered in the body language … So below I will show you in practice how your body language must be in interviews.

  1. After you go (at least 10 minutes earlier) do not sit hunched and sullen … that way you show that you do not have confidence. Sit straight with the shoulders back (to indicate that you believe in yourself), do not put something in front of you because you look insecure.

avoli katastasi xwris autopepithisi dimiourgia empodiou prin to interview dixni sigouria

  1. After you have been called to enter the space of the interview do a handshake

xekinima xeirapsias

  1. Use your real smile and not a false one (everyone now understands smiles)

xamogelo fake and real

  1. When you sit your posture must be toward the person you are talking to you (if there are two people you must be turning alternately depending on the person you are talking to.)

endiaferon o enas ston allo adiaforia apo ton ena atomo

  1. Do not touch loose on the back of the chair, sit with your back straight and hands must be in motion (very good move is the following where the edges of our fingers are united – very positive hands attitude)

anoterotita yperifania arxizontas tin epikinwnia

  1. The tone of your voice (yes it is part of body language) must be controlled depending on what you say and the emphasis you want to give


  1. After finishing the interview thank them (give your hand for a handshake, smile – a real smile) and proceed to the exit.


Through the above steps your body language in interviews will be positive so you will step closer to success … .. Good luck and above all believe that you can do it !!

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Useful and interesting seminar with many practical examples. The trainer was contagious and vivid.
Maria Loizou, Institute of Neurology & Genetics

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