The Online Paranoia- As always we exaggerate

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Oh yes! Make no mistake that crises like the COVID-19 will push people and business to do the extra things to digitalize further their processes and operations.

But online will never substitute the human interaction, the feelings, the smell, the taste, the warmth, the pat on the shoulder feeling, the hug, the micro expression effect, the sense togetherness and many more vital human interactions despite the enormous push to the contrary by technology giants.

Also avoid the trap to think that we will all become Amazon(es) in Cyprus. It takes more than a website or an application.

So, never make the mistake to think that online technology will solve your problems and ignore the human to human real interaction.

Instead you can digitalize some of your marketing, some of workflows some of your meetings, your analytics but you can not digitalize people. They will always prefer to stay offline for so many reasons.

Have a nice digital coffee ?. It tastes better than a normal coffee, or doesn’t?

Yiannakis Mouzouris
Strategy and Performance Management
Expert / Business Consultant / Trainer
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
M.Sc.Engineering Management, USA



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