You don’t just need to Serve, you need to Excite!!!

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It takes 7 seconds to create a good impression to another person.

If you don’t win in those 7 seconds then chances are you won’t get a 2nd Chance, and that has to do with all the jobs. Let alone people who deal with customer service.

Create a good first impression in order to have a chance to claim the 2nd chance.

It is now proven that over 70% of companies are lagging in the matter of how to excite customers and not just serve them.

There’s a big difference in just serving from creating excitement!

What it takes to have people serving?

1) Enthusiasm and energy (not crawling) but overflowing with energy and positive attitude.

2) Professional behavior, that is to be polite, considerate, respect and meet the necessary elements of professional appearance and hygiene.

3) Positive and effective communication – using positive words – advice: always start and close your communication with something positive.

4) Impeccable body language – inspire confidence and positivity- advice: you should watch your posture, your hand movements, microexpressions of the face, smile and tone of your voice.

5) Ask the right questions and be willing. This will solve you a lot of issues that you have to learn about what questions to ask.

6) Be able to manage angry customers and complaints so that they are converted into positive situations – advice: there are certain stages of angry customer management but know if you can’t manage yourself then you can’t manage anyone.

And that’s just the beginning!!

Even if it’s not your dream job you can get better!!

So, what do you do? Serve or excite?

Christofi Vasiliki
Communication, Soft Skills and PR Specialist – Trainer and Coach
Conicon Ltd


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