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Effectiveness and the Importance of Backward Thinking

Add the Strategy Flavour in your Thinking. It gives you the strong motive to accomplish.


The information ‘Criminals’ are everywhere and you don’t wear a Bullet Proof Jacket

The information ‘Criminals’ are everywhere and you don’t wear a Bullet Proof Jacket. Be cautious as we live in the era of misinformation and deception.


The 5 Elements that a Business needs to Succeed

In today’s highly turbulent and hazardous environment, businesses need 5 elements to stay ahead and succeed. These elements are:


Do You want High Performers in your Business?

Learn to build performance based, mutually beneficial relationships with your people.


Are you a Resource or a Capital? I am Yiannakis!

Would you like to be called a Resource (Human) or by your name?


Are you organizing an event? Do you know how to differentiate from the others?

Differentiating your event from others is more a more difficult task than organizing it. So, below I will share with you the 3 elements that can lead you in new and fresh ideas!


3 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Undoubtedly, communication is one of the most important skills. So through specific practices we can become better in communication!


Aspirine or Radical Healing












Don’t be fooled !Success is not getting clients online but clients offline


Why Strategies fail?



How often do you get angry ?

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The trainers were very transmittable! Very good and always prepared for each seminar of the program. They know very well the theme and make it very interesting program. Certainly everything I learned will help very much.
Lucia Tantele Koukli, Avgorou Community Council

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