LIVE ONLINE – HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME – Endorsed by The Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm)

HR 1 002 NEW 2022

The October to December 2022, Human Resource Management Programme is available only in Greek Language

The traditional HR is Outdated!

If you want real performance of people, then it is necessary to change in THPP – Talent Hiring and People Performance Management.

This intensive, practical programme will enhance participants’ existing knowledge and skills, with new Human Resource methods, motivation and incentive plans, content development, organization and organizational behavior, development of measurable Key Performance Indicators, evaluation methods and lastly how to effectively handle conflicts and disagreements in the workplace.

The programme is designed for Human Resource Managers or employees who handle Human Resource matters.

It’s been successfully organized for the past 6 years, twice per year with average 20 participants each semester.

People who participated to the Programme have been promoted in the Management field.

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Programme Status and Recognition:

  • The programme is recognized by The Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm) and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) UK.
  • ILM is a professional body, part of City & Guilds, the biggest and most known Organization in awarding Vocational, Management and Leadership Qualifications Worldwide.
  • The Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm) is the largest professional body in the field of Leadership and Management.
  • All participants who successfully complete a Programme are eligible to register for free – (the first year of membership) and have access to My Leadership Platform.
  • By obtaining the Certificate you have the opportunity to become an Associated Member of The Institute of Leadership and Management (AMInstLM), which is considered and can be used as professional qualification (e.g. Singature, Business Cards).

Certificate Recognition:

By The Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm), the largest professional body in the field of Leadership and Management.

By the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), a professional body (U.K.) with 100 years of experience and recognition, member of City & Guilds, the biggest organization in awarding vocational, Management and Leadership qualifications worldwide.

The programme is very constructive with a clear direction in its goal and the 2 trainers were impeccable in their seminars and knowledgeable about their subject.
Michalis Chrysostomou, SKYRAMONT QUARRIES LTD

Why to choose Institute of Leadership and Management Programs?

  • Over the last 7 years, more than 550 participants have attended this programme and saw an immediate difference in their effectiveness and involvement in their field of work.
  • 74% of participants in ilm endorsed programmes state that their leadership skills have been improved.
  • 76% of participants stated that their self-confidence has been increased.
  • 93% of employers say their employees perform better after taking an ilm qualification.
  • The programs are Flexible.
  • We provide Comprehensive Learning, to pursue your distinct career direction.
  • We differ from colleges and universities as our programs utilize Best Current implementable Practice Learning, balancing less theory with more practical on the job application.
  • Our programs are endorsed both by The Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm) and the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) UK.
  • 75% of participants say they developed their skills to meet the challenges.
  • Cost effective Programme.
  • Courses are delivered by trainers with combining strong academic professional background and extensive work experience of at least 10 years.

Candidate Profile:

Managers, Department Heads, Executives and Officers, or in general employees who deal with Human Resource matters.

*The Human Resource Management Programme can be also organized as an In-house Training Course tailor made to suit the needs of your Company

Educational Purpose:

To obtain a recognized certificate in the field of Human Resource Management for individuals within HR, either managers or employees who deal with such matters.

Programme Objectives:

  • Learn how to manage effectively a department
  • Perceive the value and contribution of Human Resource in company advancement
  • Effectively design and operate the enterprise’s organizational structure, while also perceiving the responsibility for their tasks/responsibilities
  • Change HR to THPPTalent Hiring and People Performance Management 
  • Recognize and Plan Human Resource needs
  • Recognize and encourage motivation measures in order to increase employee productivity
  • Participate in the identification of training needs and planning processes
  • Organize, Design, and Manage the performance appraisal system
  • Completely understand the content of “mutual agreement benefit” with their employees
  • Design quantitative and qualitative performance criteria for different working positions
  • Being able to handle conflicts and disagreements in the workplace
  • Create conflict resolution template (necessary for every business)

Pleasant, informative and helpful Human Resource Programme! The trainers were very good with a pleasant presence, positivity and transmittable!
Christina Montaniou, Montanios & Montanios D.E.P.E.

Successfully Completion of the Programme includes:

  • Participation in 4 seminars, 5 days, lasting 35 hours in total
  • Completion of 1 homework assignment
  • Participation in all classroom exercises and activities

Upon the successful completion of the programme, participants will receive a certificate from The Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm).

Programme Structure Advantages:

  • Flexible — 4 seminars lasting 35 hours, 5 days covered in 3 months
  • Practical — It includes case studies, group projects, and work evaluation through real-life business scenarios
  • Low Cost
  • Global recognition through The Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm).
  • In Greek Language
  • Certificate in Human Resources Management from a recognized professional body (Consider as additional qualification)

During the Online Seminar you will be able to:

  • Participate
  • Raise questions
  • Interact
  • Do exercises
  • Any other activities like you do in a classroom

Get almost all the benefits of classroom training without the time and cost of traveling.

  • Save Μoney
  • Save Time
  • At the convenience of own space

All material but mainly case studies and exercises are based on practical methods, tools and techniques applied by the Professional Trainers and Consultants through their 25 years and 10 years of professional experience respectively

Programme Modules:

  • Effective HR Management – 14 hours (08:45 – 16:45) – 18 & 20/10/22
  • Appraisal & Performance Skills in Employee Performance Evaluation – 7 hours – (08:45 – 16:45) – 08 /11/22
  • Conflict with STYLE.!!!! Manage perfectly conflicts and arguments that arise at your workplace! – 7 hours (09:00 – 16:30) – 23/11/22
  • Design Key Performance Indicators at work – 7 hours (08:45 – 16:45) – 08/12/22

Programme Trainers:

Yiannakis Mouzouris, Strategy and Performance Management Expert / Business Consultant / Trainer , B.Sc.

Vasiliki Christofi – Applied Communication, Soft Skills and PR Specialist, NAMA Certified: Anger Management Specialist and CCIS Crisis Intervention Specialist – Trainer & Coach, B.A. Applied Communication, UK

Programme/Investment Cost

Investment Cost: €960 + VAT for Live Online €860 + (€163,40 VAT)

The programme is subsidized with the amount of €476

Net Worth: €384 + (€163,40 VAT) per participant and includes

  • Registration to Human Resource Management Programme of The Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm)
  • Recognised Certificate from The Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm)
  • 1 Year Registration to My Leadership Platform free.
  • Participation to the 4 training courses (5 days of training)
  • Certification for each course
  • Electronic Handouts for each module
  • Assignment Pre-Evaluation and Evaluation
  • Personalized guidance

This Programme covered a new perspective around HR that reflects the modern way of managing people and the Company. Very helpful for a new HR professional or Company owner. We learned how to management our employees correctly, how to think properly and how to separate positions for a HR professional. The trainers were both great!
Dimitris Christodoulou, Bybloserve Management Ltd

LIVE ONLINE – HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME – Endorsed by The Institute of Leadership and Management (ilm)

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I accept the terms and conditions* In case of your cancellation, you are still responsible for the payment of the participation cost as follows: - Cancellation 15 days prior to the course - 30% of the total cost of participation. - Cancellation less than a week prior to the course - full cost of participation. In case of cancellation , the total cost includes the cost before the application of the subsidy of the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus ( if applicable).


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The trainer was very good. The seminar was interesting with very good material!
Chrystalla Karagiorgi, Cablenet Communication Systems Ltd